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Decrease drop-off in onboarding

The Bonsai team & I recently worked on a UI/UX project aimed at improving the onboarding process for new users. Our first goal was to reduce the dropoff rate during onboarding, particularly when it came to Itsme sign-ups and credit card creation. To address this issue, we created a new screen with a prominent Itsme button at the top, making it easy for users to complete this important step.

Inconsistent branding & no real incentive

Of course, any project comes with its own set of challenges. For us, these included maintaining a consistent branding message, incentivizing users to complete the onboarding process, keeping the process fun and engaging, and addressing issues with XS2A compliance. We also wanted to make sure that users were informed of their progress, so we added screens that celebrate the planting of the first tree.

Benefits & next steps

To make the app more engaging and encourage continued use, we also built a carousel that highlights the benefits of using Bonsai's credit card. This helps users see the value in creating a card and using the app regularly. And for those who are new to digital payments, we're working on providing more support for implementing new habits like Google and Apple Pay.


Informer, a Journey to Remarkable Results

We re-energized the brand, while maintaining its core identity, and made some impressive strides in SEO and UX. The outcome? A significant surge in organic traffic that not only boosted sign-ups but also led to a substantial increase in conversion rates. It's been a transformative journey!

100+ pages migrated & build

Migrating and structuring 100+ pages, unveiling a brand-new architecture

Increase in conversion rates

After launch, there proved to be a siginificant increase in coversions

400+ in CMS migration

From Wordpress, 400+ pages were rebuilt in a new strategic template

More awareness with new brand uplift

We've raised awareness & refreshed branding, achieving impactful results
What we did


Improved web experience for accounting software Cashaca






Cashaca - Belgian Accounting Software